Bay Window vs Bow Window

Are you are looking for more space out of your front windows? You may choose to extend your windows further outside. A Bow window or a Bay window can provide you with what you need. These windows are well-loved by many homeowners that want extra livable space. Whether these windows are in the living room or on the side of your home, the effect is the same. Bow and Bay windows provide increased visual space without sacrificing efficiency of your house.

Bay and bow glass windows are excellent top features of any real home. A bay window is one in which they extend out from the main house walls and then provides bay seating inside the home. Bow home windows are like bay windows in that they curve to give a wider vision outside of the room. Below you see more info about each kind of window and the great things about having this kind of window in your house.

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Internal Bay Window

Bay Window

Bay Windows

Bay home windows provide excellent, pleasant design to any room. The versatility of the windows is endless. Bay windows can indeed add a fresh dimension to your house. And like Bow windows, Bay home windows are built to match the size of your opening. Using the Windows patented glazing technology, you also adding energy efficiency to the windows.

The typical depth of the frame is 5 and 7/8 ” although individual jamb sizes are an option.

Parts of Bay glass windows can be custom-fitted with cranks that allow for the window to open with ease. This will enable better control of air circulation as well as manage thermal comfort.

To enhance the design of Bay windows you may wish to add grilles and other hardware accessories.

As stated, a Bay home window is a bow home window which has a rounded form rather than a square one. The primary benefit of bay windows is that they allow more space in the house than the regular bow window.

Internal Bow Window

Bow Window

Bow Windows

The benefits of choosing a bow window are that it will give any room added space and natural light. Bow windows provide any available room with extra seating and storage as well as a great view. Curved bow windows can provide any home a distinctive look. This look is not achieved with a typical bay window.

There are various varieties of bow home windows available. Most production companies allow you to choose from a couple of different styles. Some sizes will meet every need for each home.

Adding a bow or bay windows to a home can indeed add significant value. The glass windows supply the room with plenty of natural light plus they look beautiful.

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