How to Pick Your Patio Door

How To Pick Your Patio Door

Patio Door

Patio Door

A patio door is an important feature in any home. It provides access to your balcony and lets in a lot of natural light to interior spaces.

Nowadays, they’re available in different styles and materials to suit various projects. It’s important to select a design that suits the style of your home.

People are likely to shop for a new patio door because it’s worn out, damaged or they’re renovating their home. Innovation has enabled production of secure, durable and energy efficient doors. There are several factors that have to be considered when choosing the right door. If you’re uncertain about the type of door you want, this guide may help you make the right decision.


When choosing a patio door, functionality and aesthetics come into play. Below is a brief description of patio door styles.

Swinging Patio Doors – they’re also referred to as hinged patio doors. They feature full glass panels and frequently hung in pairs. The doors are hinged to a central mullion and open like a butterfly’s wings. Another type of a hinged door is the French door, which features hinges at the side jambs; the panels meet as you close the door. The latch features an astragal fixed to one of the doors.

Sliding Patio Doors – sliding patio doors are popular and ideal for small spaces. These doors are also referred to as gliding or bypass doors; they let in a lot of natural light and last longer. Sliding panels are incorporated with panels to create a wide continuous surface of glass. The glass panels slide parallel to the wall so it will not interfere with walking space and furniture.

Folding Doors – in recent years, these doors have gained popularity. These are sliding doors made in such a way that the leaves fold back together. Folding doors are ideal for large spaces, which open to the outdoors.


If there is enough space in the room, you have a wide selection of doors to choose from. If the space is small, you should consider a patio door with one swinging door that will open fully. Or a sliding door which slides parallel to the wall.


When choosing your patio door, ensure that it can withstand high traffic. If deliveries, children, visitors and other things are likely to go in and out of your door, you need to choose a strong material. You may consider installing fiberglass doors which are beautiful, strong and require little maintenance.


Toronto’s climate is modified by its proximity to Lake Ontario. It mainly experiences warm, humid summer and cold winters. In such a location, you need an energy efficient door to conserve more energy.

This will save you more money reducing utility costs while increasing energy efficiency. You can choose a patio door design, which features a double pane glass or thermally insulated panes. Ensure that the weather stripping on the doors is of high quality to prevent airflow.


Choose a material that’s durable and requires little or no maintenance. Wood is expensive and will require regular maintenance. It may not be the best option especially in harsh climates. Fiberglass resembles the grain pattern of real wood and requires little maintenance. These doors are ideal because they can withstand harsh climates. While steel doors are more secure and durable, they may require maintenance in moist climates. Patio doors made from vinyl are energy efficient, durable and can withstand harsh weather. This material does not peel, fade or rot.

Ensure that the material you’ve chosen matches or complements the color scheme in your home. For example, a vinyl door with a wood siding would look mismatched. A fiberglass door could do the trick because it complements the wood siding.



As winter approaches, we are reminded of all that is good about it. Snowball fights, ice skating, and hot chocolate are great, but the cold weather brings both good and bad to the city—and it has an undeniable effect on people’s windows and doors. From swelling and warping to condensation and drafts, here are some of the most common ways in which the winter weather affects doors and windows:


For certain materials—especially wood—both temperature and humidity can wreak havoc upon their structural integrity. Wooden window frames, doors, and door frames can shrink in extreme cold, and in extreme humidity (or lack thereof) they can begin to warp or bow unfavourably. For this reason, wood must be frequently treated with paint or sealer. PVC and aluminum windows do not experience the same degree of distortion, making them more popular choices today than wood.


The main reason why weather stripping must be frequently replaced is that ice tends to form in the open spaces between doors and windows and the frames they are installed in. When warm, moisture-rich air escapes through these small openings, it freezes on contact with the cold outside air. This can make it difficult to open a window without cracking the weather stripping, which in turn will increase the buildup of ice. This can also make doors difficult to open and close.


Doors and windows include latches, handles, hinges, and other mechanisms that make them work—and these can become damaged or jammed by ice or cold-weather stress. Casement and awning windows are particularly vulnerable as they require a more complex opening mechanism than their sliding counterparts.


This is a tricky thing because condensation is not always as bad as it appears to be. In fact, condensation on your window glazing during the winter is often a sign that your windows have a good level of energy efficiency. It occurs because the warm and humid air in your home is unable to escape through your windows, which is exactly what you want from a good window. To reduce the appearance of condensation, just simply reduce the humidity in your home with a dehumidifier, by using your bathroom’s exhaust fan when taking a shower, and by properly venting your home. If you find condensation developing between the panes of a double- or triple-glazed window, then you likely have a leak in the window, and should seek repair.


Windows and doors that are old, poorly fitted, or poorly insulated are a major cause of drafts in most homes. Installing weather stripping can help, but it many cases a new door or window may be absolutely necessary

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Why energy efficiency matters for your home

It has often been said that windows are the eyes of the house, we rely on windows  natural lighting and fresh air.  Windows allow natural light and fresh air into our homes and windows can also be responsible for heat loss , energy consumption as well as cold drafts. As homeowners we expect our windows to be inexpensive , easy to manage and maintain and most important they must be energy efficient.


Here are some benefits of having Energy Efficient windows :


It can increase your comfort by reducing cold drafts making your home a lot warmer during the winter season.

It will save you money- by  minimizing air leakage .

It will improve indoor air quality and contribute to a much healthier environment.

It will reduce the penetration of dust dirt and loud sound in your home. 

It will help control condensation – by reducing condensation this will help prevent mold growth. 


Moreover owning an energy – efficient home, will benefit you and your entire family .  You will savor a more comfortable living environment that can also benefit your health. It will lower your energy costs that can result in noticeable savings. An energy-efficient home can also increase the value of your house in the future. Did you know?  That at Certified we offer a wide arrangement of energy star windows and doors. Give us a call or request a free in-home quote.



Top 4 – Best Halloween Door Decorations for 2016

What’s not to love about the holidays? With Halloween right around the corner, the spirit of the season is upon us.  So dust off those decorations out of your garage and set the mood. Get your front door ready this Halloween season and really make a statement.

This Halloween, delight your trick or treaters by decorating your front door with these easy to make yet spooky ideas. Give your front door a festive makeover by adding a couple of bats and spiders or turning it into a mummy or a monster- these decor ideas can be both easy and fun for the whole family,  you just have to let your imagination go wild.

This holiday season get spookier than ever  and frighten your trick or treaters with these wicked door decorations.


The Mummy


How adorable is this idea? This mummy door decoration will be a delight to all your visitors this Halloween. The entire project is fairly easy to do but it does take a while to finish. Start by covering your whole door with a black posted board. Bandages of white paper tape can be used in order to create an opaque while the black construction paper can be cut and shaped as a mouth and the eyes. The best part about this fun and easy Halloween door project is that the bandages can be as thick or thin as you wish them to be. You will be able to design your own unique scary mummy.







Credit and DIY project details:


Scary Bats


What is Halloween without bats?  Welcome, your guests by turning your front door into a dark bat cave.  If  you’re unsure about attaching bats onto your front door,  you can always try hanging them. Also by doing that, it will look as if the bats are really flying and trying to attack your home. No one will want to mess with your paper bats. For this frightening project you can use black construction paper , bats can be traced and cut out.








Credit and DIY project details:


Nightmare before Christmas


Are you a Tim Burton fan, have you memorized every song from his movie Nightmare before Christmas – If you answered Yes then this front door decoration is definitely a must have . In order to create this spooky look your front door, you must first purchase either vinyl or construction paper can be used in order to prepare the face – the eyes, nose and the mouth of the popular skeleton. This look works best on white doors – however, if your door is another color you could always use a white construction paper to create the background and then add the face.







Credit and DIY project details:


The candy Pumpkin

52-halloween-door-decorations-homebncPlanning on not being home this year for Halloween. No worries this funky pumpkin has got you covered.  This project is pretty easy to craft-  first cut the pumpkin in half , give it a smiley face and paint it (you can paint it whatever color you wish ) then attach the happy pumpkin to a chalkboard , you may also leave a friendly message for all the visitors. Your next step is to fill the pumpkins mouth with yummy candy and let the kids do the rest.











Pick the Right Window Treatment Styles for Your Windows

Window treatments come and many different shapes and sizes much like your house windows.  Each window in your home requires an average size some windows lift, some slide, and some windows won’t open at all. Window treatments can really add a fresh modern and updated look to your space as well as give your room a boost of colors. Although there are many factors that you must consider when shopping for new window treatments the good news is that there is a perfect treatment for every room in your home to ensure they work properly while keeping your house stylish and fabulous .


Awning Windows


Awning Windows are known to be difficult to dress up because they open from the top but vertical blinds are known to be the best window treatments for awning windows giving you more versatility, letting the light in and allowing you to open your awning windows easily.




(photo by




Casement Windows

arashi-ombre-embroidery-curtain-panel-e124aa68-db26-404e-9ac3-71bfeae1b43c_600Most casement windows, either hang on the side are deep-set or open in or out. For your casement windows, we recommend the picturesque drapes/curtains. Decorative curtain when opened they frame the shape of your windows letting in natural light. If your casement windows are deep-set make sure your curtains are mounted inside the frame.







(photo by



Sliding Windows


Slider windows are known to open horizontally. Slider windows are one of our most popular type of windows and many homes that have had recent renovations have a slider as the new replacement windows. Many homes that have had recent renovations feature these as the new replacement windows. Slider windows are easy to operate and easy to cover. For these type of windows, we recommend mostly blinds and shades. Wood blinds are the perfect cover up for your windows if they are facing the front of the house. Bedrooms and living rooms can benefit from a Roman shade ( like the picture) taking your rooms from modest to chick and fabulous.






(photo by


Bay Windows


Bay windows or bow windows are typically three window panels built out from the exterior of the house.  Whether that is a breakfast nook or a bedroom, bay windows are known to make any room feel larger and luxurious. While many different types of shades and blinds would work well,curtains/drapes are the perfect covers for bay windows. Curtains will bring the best out of these architectural shapes, giving your room a soft yet sticking touch.







(photo by


Top 5 Bold colors for your front door this fall

With the chill of autumn in the air, it is a great time to create some simple yet fascinating fall renovations that will make your nest all cozy and welcoming.

Fall is a great time to repaint your exterior door between all the trick or treats or your family and friends coming over for the holidays your front door is going to see a lot of faces this season. So give your entry door a color boost lift that will lift your spirits all season long. Here are 5 of our favorite fall front door colors.



This fall make your front doors look fabulous dressed in this contemporary shade of gray. Grey can be such a sophisticated shade that will turn your entry door into pure elegance .Complete this look and give your door a color boost, with Behr’s Supernova shade.








Red forever known as a bold and passionate colors but also very cheerful and welcoming , there is something about red front doors  that says ” Greetings and come on in. Also if you are a fan of bright colors then this colors is the one for you. Moreover, red doors have always had the association good fortune, and strong energy and confident aesthetic.








Get into those fall vibes with this pumpkin bright shade, make your front door transition into fall with a splash of orange that is both cheerful and bold. Orange is the right color that can liven up your entry door while turn heads in your neighborhood








Go back to the classics with this shade of black guaranteed to make your front door pop. This classic black will turn your front door into a glossy and elegant entry.  Like the little black dress a satin black front door will never go out of style.









Let’s go back to the roots with this rich brown shade. Like the color black, this color is safer yet will leave your front door fresh guaranteeing to make your entry door to pop.



Replacement Windows and Doors

A Comprehensive Guide To Buying The Best Replacement Windows and Doors

Windows in your house define its thrill, energy efficiency, and level of satisfaction personal satisfaction. To give your home that lovely appeal, make it look new, and raise its value the best point to start is replacing the windows. Despite this fact, picking the best replacement windows and doors has never been an easy thing for many people. This post is a comprehensive guide to help you choose the best replacement windows.

What is the right time to replace your house windows?

  • Your house is old and windows are equally dilapidated.
  • Bought a house and windows do not match your sense of style.
  • Embarking on an interior home décor to rhyme with your theme and fashion.
  • Changed the status of your lifestyle (moved to a higher income level) and want a more appealing and sophisticated outlook.
  • Learning about new types of windows on your holiday or visit to friends and want to do something different from others.

A guide to selecting the right replacement windows and doors

  • Make a decision on your house theme and style

The most important step in replacing your windows is refining the personal sense of style and theme you want the house to have after installing new windows. For instance, do you want the house to have rich vintage outlook, natural theme, or sense of sophistication? Some of the top designs to enhance your theme include hung style (single or double), casement, awning, hopper, clerestory, rotating, or arched. Remember that the theme of a house might require you to consult some stakeholders such as other family members to pick what is appealing to all.

  • Select windows made from the right materials for extra strength and durability

replacement windows and doorsWhen homeowners replace windows, they want to get strong and durable installations. In fact, the goal for most of them is for the replacement windows to last as long as the house. Make sure to review the thickness and weight of available options. Many people often link strength with a sense of security especially if the windows are fitted adjacent to the corridors or next to footpaths. Some of the most durable replacement models include wood, fiberglass composite, vinyl, and aluminum.

The windows you buy and install should help you maintain the house at the right temperatures in summer and winter. For example wood and wood clad are perfect insulators and, therefore, a good option for energy-conscious homeowners. Fiberglass composite is another great option for energy efficiency because it does not sag in hot days or shrink in freezing winter.  By selecting an energy efficient window, you are sure of keeping the power bills lower.

  • Identify windows that are easy to maintain

The best replacement windows should be easy to maintain. Because windows are exposed to dirt from inside the house and on the outer parts, they should be easy to wipe, clean, and even repaint when necessary. For example, after a couple of years, a new coat of color will make the windows look as good as new.

Vinyl and fiberglass replacement windows are shiny, smooth, and do not attract a lot of dirt. You only wipe with a damp cloth to get the lovely appearance it had when new. However, these replacement windows cannot be painted. On the other hand, wooden windows can be repainted easily and as regularly as you want. However, they attract dirt more and regular cleaning can cause rotting. They are also prone to wood borers over time. If you go for wooden replacement windows, it is important to treat the wood with appropriate finishes to keep borers away and avoid scrubbing with sharp materials.

  • Buy from top replacement windows and doors companies

Because of a large number of companies making and selling replacement windows, you can only be sure of top quality by selecting top rated manufacturers. Go through replacement window reviews to know manufacturers who are committed to the quality of their products. In the reviews, check for replacement windows prices, company support for clients, and installation services.



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