Casement Fixed Windows

Casement windows are installed in many different styles of homes. These windows, not at all like different styles of windows that open sideways. Casement Fixed Windows are utilized as two windows when constructing a bay window. They are also used in other multi-window openings. An example of a multi-window opening would be when you have three or four windows in a row. Another popular location for Casement windows would be in the kitchen. Since it is easier to open the window with a crank versus trying to open a Slider window.  A fixed casement window has the same kind of usefulness as a casement window except they do not open.

For breathtaking views, fixed casement windows are used. Casement windows are ideal when you have a large opening without any intrusion of frames to block your view. Our Casement Fixed windows do not open, but they have a structural frame for bigger window openings. This window combined with other different windows styles makes an elegant window opening. Our frames are matched to the window opening and maximize the size and appearance the window. Optimizing the size and the look of the window we are creating an attractive and uniform look.


A fixed casement window by definition does not open like our regular casement windows. The primary use and functionality of the window in most cases are to allow for most light into the room. With no crank on the fixed casement window, this will allow for a smooth and elegant looking frame. This type of window gives an extraordinary view of the outside.


Features and Benefits of the Casement Fixed Windows

  • 3 1/4″ Fusion-Welded frame for added durability and strength
  • the multi-chambered configuration allows for greater insulation value and prevents condensation
  • prominent profiles coordinate our casement and awning windows for design and operational adaptability
  • ¾” double quality glass with warm edge S-Class super spacer
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