Casement Windows

When you are looking for a style of window to choose from, there is not doubt that you have seen a casement window. Other than Fixed Windows, Casement Windows provided the best-unobstructed view from top to bottom. They provide a wide ventilation opening allowing cool evening breezes into your home.

Casement Windows are available in three different models:

1 – Casement – This window opens from either the left or right side. The sash to swing outwards left or right depending on your opening and your preference.

2 – Fixed Casement – made to install in large openings due to the structural framing. The classic look of the frame matches the appearance of the window. This allows for an attractive and great looking window. They also provide your home with excellent curb appeal.

3 – Fixed Slim Casement – The Slim Fixed Casement Window come with a low profile and a narrower frame. This provides for the greatest window viewing area. The window can be made into many different shapes and sizes. This provides a wide array of options and possibilities.

casement window

Features and Benefits

1– Airtight, weather tight – this fixed window provides the greatest energy efficiency. This is due to the windows seal meeting the sash straight on.

2 – Inside screen, if the window is on the second floor, then the screen can be removed from the inside. The window can open to a full 90 degrees. This type of windows allows for the window cleaning and the screen replacement from the inside of the home.

3 – The crank hardware almost disappears into the dash area. Making the look and operation of the window dash smooth.

4 – The structure is superior due to how the window sash was manufactured. The sash and frame come together on a 45 Degree plane. Then a hot plate comes between the two of them. After heating and removal of the hot plate, the corners come together creating a bond like no other.

5 – Window comes with many locking systems.

6 – Depending on your location you may option for either double pane or Triple pane windows. Along with the Solar glazing process, this will provide the most energy efficient window.

7 – An open casement window can provide better air circulation through the entire home.

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