Exterior Door Replacement

Exterior Door Replacement

Replacements start with an idea, then a step to look for unique styles to match your home in style, design, and color. Reasons for wanting to replace your exterior door vary from damaged doors to find more energy efficient doors. When looking for exterior door replacement options, it is important to note that there different designs and materials to choose from but understanding them is important so that you make the right choice.
Various types of materials for exterior door replacement

exterior door replacement


Fiberglass doors are moderately priced and are embossed with traditional wood-like grain. This door can be painted for protecting it from wear and tear and its material it can withstand all climates. The door is well insulated making it energy efficient three times better than other materials.


A steel door is durable, secure to use and weather resistant. Steel doors are not energy efficient and can be hot or cold to the touch. It is not a good insulator while they can easily chip and dent.


Wood doors can be found in different styles, and the prices of the doors are determined by the type of wood. The prices range between very expensive and inexpensive doors. For different wood doors, designs go for the handcrafted designs; while for the durable doors go for solid wood doors which scratches can be easily repaired and they resist wear and tear. Painting the door after one or two years is encouraged not only to retain the beauty but to also, resist warping and cracking. In places where the door will be exposed to high temperatures for long, such as sunlight, the wood door is not recommended.

Designs of wood exterior door replacement

  1. Residential entry doors

This door can be outswing or an inswing operation. The door can be stained, left natural or protected by aluminum. A low-profile sill can be provided as well.

  1. Commercial entry doors

These are available in Outswing operation with standard panic bar, commercial closer, hardware systems from most manufacturers and kick plate. There is the standard low –profile sill option. The door can be protected by aluminum exteriors, left natural or stained.

It is important for you to carefully consider the outer door because it commands attention even from the street.

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