Patio Doors and Windows

French Style Patio Doors and Windows

Patio doors and windows should have artistic detail with operational engineering distinctively put in. Basically, good sliding patio doors and windows are made of a heavy duty sash and mainframe, steel reinforced rails which interlock and multi-chambered extrusions for strength. A strong tandem roller system is used to ensure easy gliding. Some manufacturers use dual weather stripping on the inside and the outside, to ensure increased thermal protection.

French style designed patio doors is an innovative style which combines function, space saving and traditional elegance. To accentuate on the quality this style has a curved handle with 5 inch top rail and 7 inch bottom rail.
This door is made durable by

  • A heavy duty sash and mainframe which also reinforces its energy efficiency.
  • To strengthen the door some parts are steel-reinforced.
  • Insulated glass leads to energy saving at the same time allowing natural light in the home.

Innovations for exceptional performance in French style doors.

  1. A vinyl mainframe is used and the sash extrusions do not chip, warp, crack or peel and it does not need to be painted.
  2. For thermal protection the sash and mainframe is double walled and multi-chambered construction.
  3. The tradition of the ‘French door’ is maintained with charm by mortised joints because of the 7 inch bottom rail, 5 inch top rail and 3 side rails.
  4. For energy efficiency they have the dual external/ internal weather stripping feature on the sash.
  5. 1 inch insulated glass which reduces transfer of cold and heat saving energy.
  6. Structural integrity is increased with steel reinforced lock rails and interlocks.
  7. Traditional beauty is enhanced by coved glazing beads.
  8. A steel tandem roller eases the operation of the door panel because it has the nylon-encased steel wheels.
  9. The joints have closed-cell foam gaskets for greater sealing.
  10. There are several decorative handles crafted to complement the style and appearance of the home.
  11. Insulation and tight seal is ensured by deep interlocks.
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