Slider Windows


First, let’s recap the difference between slider windows and crank glass windows. Slider windows are controlled by tugging the sash vertically or horizontally and usually remains within the windows frame when exposed (both slider and hung home windows can be tilted inside the house for cleaning). A crank out window is just what it appears to sound like; it is a window that opens to the exterior when you use the crank by turning clockwise to close and counterclockwise to open.

Remember, no matter the window style you purchase your glass windows should be ENERGY Star rated, and CSA approved to be productive in the extreme weather conditions of your region.

The first evaluation is comparing a single slider vs. a double slider. Both of these window styles are useful to compare, as both are suitable for home window openings that are wider than they are tall.

Slider Window Advantages

The slider is one of the most popular types of home windows (the other being the hung) that may be within homes throughout Canada and Windsor Ontario. This windowpane has two different versions: the single slider and the double slider. The difference between the two windows would be that the double slider has two movable sections, while the single slider only has one.

As stated above, sliders are best for openings that are wider than they are tall. The slider might be the best-suited home window for ample opportunities, as it offers the most unobstructed view while enabling maximum ventilation and viewing area.

The width of the window opening is also not a great matter for the slider, as it could even be tweaked for significant opportunities by modifying to a finish end vent construction. The result is a clear fixed window pane flanked by two sliders. It allows maximum presence as well as great venting.

Another benefit for the slider is the fact it can be cleaned pretty easily. Whether you decide to go with a good lift out or tilt option, you’ll be able to clean the whole side of the glass without the use of any ladders. The tilt option is practically effortless as the sash swings inside the house while still being supported by the frame. Slider glass windows are a modern alternative in kitchen and bedroom applications.

Slider Window Disadvantages

The disadvantage of the slider screen is that it’s not as energy conserving as its casement crank managed counterpart. Although it meets industry benchmarks for water, mildew, mold and wind level of resistance and it is merely no match to the compression seal of your awning windows.

Other Benefits and Features

1- Our slider windows sashes are manufactured using a four point welding system, which will provide you with the best window for strength and security. Additionally, the structure can certainly help in preventing air flow into the home in both the summer and the winter.

2- Our patented multi-chambered design in the window sash prevents mold and mildew while also preventing condensation.

3- Inward-tilting horizontal home window sashes, permit for quick access from the within the home, particularly when it involves cleaning.

4- The sash is made to be totally interlocked to ensure maximum security as well as reduce air infiltration.

5- The half-screen design is detachable to permit for protective screening process against bugs and pests.

6- Energy preservation options using Solar Alternatives and Super Spacer for maximum energy efficiency.

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