Sliding Patio Doors Replacement

3 Features in Selecting Sliding Patio Doors Replacement

Selecting the right door, when considering sliding patio doors replacement, is very important. Sliding patio doors replacement will increase the value of your home. This is why it is very important to choose the right sliding patio door. We look at the various features one needs to consider to ensure value and happiness in your home.

  1. Low E-glass

Low-e glass is better when compared to traditional glass used in patio doors. With all the great inventions in this age, low-e coating is a great invention. A Low-E glass seems to do what exactly is required by homeowners. Some benefits of this include

  • Low-e glass blocks UV rays from getting into the house thus protecting hardwood floors, upholstery and the skin from damage.
  • The low-e glass is rated high in energy efficiency. It works perfectly when it comes to preventing heat from entering the house in summer and prevents hot air from leaking out in the winter.
  1. Security glass

Home security is very important and traditional glass doors pose a serious security threat because they are easily smashed. Home intruders work on a ‘smash and grab’ policy. To avoid insecurity buy patio doors with security glass. It does not mean that a security glass cannot be smashed, but it is difficult to smash. This difficulty makes it even hard for intruders to easily get in. For new sliding patio doors replacement ask for security glass to be installed.

  1. Deadbolt

Consider the quality of the lock on the sliding glass patio, this ensures tight security in the home. If the door has inexpensive locks, they break open at any opportunity of yanking or gets jiggled open. The most ideal door to install is one with a deadbolt feature or similar. It is not complicated! Look for a deadbolt that looks like the one present in the home’s front door. This is safer to use for security reasons.

These are basic features you should look for no matter the style or design you choose.

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