Slim Fixed Windows


You may be asking yourself “ Why would anyone need a Slim Fixed Casement Window?” Actually, we can think of many different reasons.We believe that the primary purpose of any casement window is to allow light into your home, making those areas bright during daylight hours. You may have space where there is not sufficient room to allow for a window to open. Or where that area of the home has more than enough ventilation, this would be a place to use the fixed casement window.

We carry a line of slim fixed windows which are appreciated by homeowners, home renovators, and architects because of their unique slim design. The windows have a narrow frame that enables viewing areas to be maximized. While the Slim-Fixed Casement window does not allow for the window to be open, it’s low profile design and a narrow maximizes the glass viewing area, creating a very distinctive elegant look. Slim-Fixed windows are available in many different architectural shapes and curves, thus allowing for custom design creations all the while incorporating the necessary structural and thermal chambers for maximum strength in large openings. Every window is designed and manufactured to your exacting specifications.

Features & Benefits of Slim Fixed Casement Windows

Slim Fixed Casement windows are ideal for primary opening windows where slim frames and high level of performance are required.Since the manufacturing of all of our windows is completely automated every window that is produced will have the same exacting look and feel in every casement, fixed casement, and slim fixed casement manufactured. Many homeowners in the Windsor and Essex County choose the Fixed Casement to maintain a uniform sight line with their casement windows. Whatever your window choice, we know that our windows will give you the same high quality and energy savings very time.

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