Storm Doors

A storm door is a type of door that is installed in front of an exterior entry door to protect it from wind, rain but to allow air flow and circulation. Storm doors generally have interchangeable screens and glass panels to provide visibility and prevent any uninvited insects from flying into the home.

Our storm doors are designed to conserve heat in the winter, ventilate during the summer, beautify and protect Windsor Ontario homes year round. Storm windows are a very economical way to increase your existing window’s performance! With their maintenance free exterior and overlap frame construction, a storm will cover most of your existing windows woodwork.

Aluminum storm doors do not need to be frequently painted to protect them from the elements. Aluminum storm doors are available in a variety of thicknesses. All of these thicknesses can accommodate interchangeable glass and screen panels.

The least expensive storm doors are the thinnest. When the storm door frame is made of thicker material, the door frame becomes more rigid. The strength and rigidity of the door are limited, however, by the relatively brittle aluminum alloy corners that hold the frame together. If the door gets blown open during a storm, the edges can crack, and the door will lose its strength. The corners, however, can be replaced if parts can be found.

Storm Doors Come in 2 Different Styles


A full view storm door means that there is a full-length glass panel that has to be physically changed out if you want a screen in it. The unused panel of glass or screen is then stored for future use.


A ventilating style means that there are two glass panels and one to two screen panels in the door at the same time. The glass panel(s) move up or down in order to reveal the screen. This is convenient if you want to get cross ventilation in the house without the inconvenience of removing and storing a glass or screen panel.


  • Reinforced Die Cast Corner
  • Four heavy Duty Hinges with Oil-lite Bearing
  • 3mm Tempered Glass
  • Superior Weather Stripping System
  • Backer Angle for a complete finish
  • Conforms to CGSB standards
  • Black Durable Aluminium
  • Colour Matched Heavy Duty
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