Vinyl Double Hung Windows

Vinyl Double Hung Windows

Vinyl Double Hung Windows are the most common type of windows in houses. For smooth operation, they slide up and down making it easy to operate, and they are traditional.

Pros of Vinyl Double Hung Windows

The double hung windows are versatile to use making them easy for them to fit into most home styles. The windows come in different sizes, shapes, and colors and you can change from any material to vinyl.

  1. Double –hung windows are compatible with screens and air conditioners. Since the windows slide up and down, they hold AC units and one can easily add or remove screens.
  2. The newer designs of hung windows have the lower and upper sashes that tilt out. The sash that holds the glass tilts in for easy cleaning. Some manufacturers make windows with removable sashes.
  3. These windows have great features making them energy efficient. Before installation, proper measurements are taken. Accurately measured windows provide the windows with good weather stripping. This prevents cold air from entering and hot air from escaping.
    Vinyl double hung windows are multi-glazed. The triple-glazed windows are popular because of their excellent energy efficiency. Double-glazed windows are also good insulators.
  4. Vinyl double hung windows are scratch resistant. This leaves cleaning as the only significant maintenance activity required. Vinyl double hung windows will always look great even with age as they do not fade. This is true for most Windows but not for all. Give Certified Windows a call today to discuss their non-fading vinyl windows.
  5. The double hung windows are customized to fit the style, size and shape required.
  6. The windows are less expensive when compared to other types of windows. You get strong, energy efficient and presentable windows for a lower price.


vinyl double hung windows

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