Vinyl Windows Price

Vinyl Windows Price

Vinyl windows price will be calculated based on many factors. These factors include window style, custom options, and the number of windows. Other factors involved are if you are doing a simple replacement or remodel as well as the contractor chosen for the job. However, if you know what you want, there are options which are affordable and can be found easily within your local area.

The window frames might add or reduce the cost of a simple vinyl window replacement. If the window frame is cracked and rotten, you should replace the window. Replacing the window will lead to additional expenses. In cases where the window frame is in good condition and you do not need to change the style of the window you can install new glass. Installing just the glass will save some money. The only drawback is that the frame will not match the other windows.

vinyl windows priceMany local specialty windows and doors companies are the best options to consider when buying the windows. The materials and installation are relatively priced based on the quality of the window. Another factor to consider is the warranty. Is the warranty transferable? Find a company with a lifetime non-pro-rated warranty.



Here is an example of vinyl windows price:

A standard size, double pane (energy efficient), double hung might cost as high as $1000 and as low as $450 installation included.

If the window frame is removed then an additional $120 to $150 will be required per window and installation.


Vinyl window price cost calculator includes:

  1. The cost of a vinyl window is broken down into three main parts. The first being the vinyl window itself. Depending on if the window comes with lowE glass or not is another factor. As well are you purchasing a single pane or double pane with a limited lifetime warranty?
  2. Estimated costs for basic installation include setting the unit in the rough opening, shim and plumb placement, secure rough framing opening. From there they will secure the house wrap and insulated perimeter of the window. This labor estimate can include material and equipment, setup, area preparation, clean up and planning. The price does not include repairs to interior and exterior surfaces.
  3. Vinyl window supplies and materials such as flashing, shims, drip cap, fasteners, exterior caulking and perimeter foam insulation are dependent on if the installation is a full frame change.

Window replacement is an investment which increases the value of a home.

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