Window Replacement and Doors

Items to Watch for During Window Replacement and Doors

Can you tell if your window replacement and doors are installed to the manufacturer’s specifications? This is why it is important to do enough research and have information on hand before you job is complete. Reviewing different window replacement and doors companies is important. This allows you get the best installation job for your home. A proper installation matters more that the cost of the door or window. It does not matter if the window or door are expensive if the installation is not correct. You should check the internet to see what other customers are saying about the company.

Will you be present when the installation is taking place? Do you have any idea of what is correct? If so, then it will be easier for you to know if the replacement was to the manufacturer’s expectations.

Signs to look out for in proper installations are:


The size of the window or door should be measured correctly. With improper measurements, it will take a lot of work to adjust the window or door to make them fit. It would be necessary to watch and maybe confirm the measurements with the installer. A sign that the measurements are not correct would be the notice of gaps on the sides of the window. Also, if there is a large amount of insulation foam on both sides of the window, then you know the measurements could not be correct.


window replacement and doorsPositioning

When replacing windows or doors two options of positioning are available. One is closer to the outside or closer to the inside. The thickness of the wall determines the position. If the walls are two by four, the thickness will have less effect on the windows and doors installed. For thicker walls the size of the jamb will determine the positioning. In cold environments, it would be advisable that custom windows and doors are closer to the inside. This positioning decreases the amount of condensation build up. Also, reduces the wear and tear experienced on locking mechanisms in the long term.

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